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Press Mentions

Press Mentions

Do Underwhelming Square, Match IPOs Mean Bubble Trouble?, 11/19/15, NPR

Mobile Broadband Forum Goes Global, 11/5/15, TelecomAsia

Google Doubles Down on Nexus to Keep Up With Apple, 9/29/15, Wall Street Journal

Surge In Mobile Startups Valued at Over $1 Billion Signals a Bubble, 9/8/15, Bloomberg

Facebook Telepathy? Zuck Thinks It Can Happen,  7/1/15, CNBC

Alibaba is Officially Every Tech Giant Rolled Into One, 6/15/15, Wired

Google's Project Fi Is A Great Deal For Wireless Service, But There's A Big Catch, 4/22/15, International Business Times

Europe Opens Probe of Google’s Android, 4/15/15, Wall Street Journal

Uber’s Colossal, But There’s Still Room for Other Ride Apps,  4/9/15, Wired

True or False, Telecom-Style, 3/26/15,  LightReading

谷歌证实数月内将开通无线上网服务,  3/3/15, Epoch Times

谷歌的野心根本停不下来:宣布即将在美国推出无线服务, 3/3/15, C114.net

Google Confirms Plan to Offer Wireless Service, 3/2/15, Wall Street Journal

World Telecom Meeting to Focus on Regulation, 3/2/15, Wall Street Journal

Google to Offer Wireless Service in the U.S., But Not to Challenge the Four Major Mobile Operators, 3/2/15, Phone Arena

Mobile Startups Rack Up $4.2B in January, 2/13/15, LightReading

Rutberg: Mobile firms raised $4.2B in venture capital globally in January,  2/13/15, Fierce Wireless

Rutberg: Mobile firms raised $4.2B in venture capital globally in January, 2/13/15, Tech Investor News

Facebook Earnings Rise on Mobile Growth, 1/29/15, Wall Street Journal

Microsoft To Invest In Rogue Android Startup Cyanogen, 1/29/15, Wall Street Journal

For Samsung, BlackBerry Offers Benefits — and Reasons for Caution, 1/14/15, Wall Street Journal

What an Unlocked iPhone Means for Consumers, 1/6/15, CNBC

Samsung Says ‘Cya’ to ChatON Smartphone Messaging App, 12/19/14, Wall Street Journal

Taxi-Hailing App Flywheel Expands to Help Cabbies Fight Big Bad Uber, 11/20/2014, Wired

Google’s Project Loon Woos Telecom Giants, 11/17/2014, Wall Street Journal

Facebook Vows Aggressive Spending, 10/28/2014, Wall Street Journal

Enterprise mobile messaging market gets more crowded with launch of Avaamo, 10/8/2014, PC World

Mobile VC Holds Steady at $1.3B in July, 8/11/2014, Light Reading

Sprint Appoints a New CEO and Drops Its Bid for T-Mobile, 8/6/2014, Wired

Virgin Mobile’s New Wireless Plan Is Like Netflix for Your Phone, 7/31/2014, Wired

Newest Hit-Game Maker Machine Zone Nears $3 Billion Valuation, 7/16/2014, Wall Street Journal

Uber Drives June Mobile VC to $2.3B, 7/17/2014, Light Reading

The Secret Sauce For Twitter's Global Growth Strategy: Subsidized Data, 7/9/2014, Ad Age

Google, Samsung Tensions Ease, 6/25/2014, Wall Street Journal

A New Face Near the Top of Google, 6/23/2014, Wall Street Journal

Bundles and bulk, 4/22/2014, The Economist

Google Developing Tablet With Advanced Vision Capabilities, 4/21/2014, Wall Street Journal

Lyft Drives Mobile VC Funding to $1.4B in April, 4/7/2014, Light Reading

Enterprise messaging services fight to make themselves heard, but are they doomed already?, 4/3/2014, Network World

One Route To Middle America For Apple's iPhone, 3/30/2014, Forbes

Facebook Earnings: What to Watch , 3/26/2014, Wall Street Journal

Mobile home screen fight begins as tech giants snap up super-apps, 3/26/2014, Financial Times

Why Nike Might Dodge The Wearables War, 3/26/2014, Forbes

Why U.S. Carriers Are Struggling In the Mobile Ads Business, 3/26/2014, Ad Age

Delta flight attendants to carry phablets for better service, 3/26/2014, USA Today

China's Innovation Deficit, 3/26/2014, Light Reading

Delta flight attendants to get “phablets”, 3/25/2014, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

NSA, price wars could rain on Microsoft's cloud, 3/25/2014, CNBC

Is Amazon bringing a game changer?, 3/25/2014, CNBC

Mobile made frenemies out of everyone and the internet of things will make it worse, 3/25/2014, GigaOm

Acxiom CEO: Rockefeller Data Bill Worse Than Worst Part of Obamacare, 3/25/2014, Ad Age

AT&T Mobility CEO says Netflix should pay a traffic tax, not customers, 3/25/2014, BGR

Qualcomm's chairman on digital rat brains, Oculus, and future of health, 2/26/2014, CNET

Oculus Rift, Morpheus may hit market in a year and a half, GameStop CEO says, 2/25/2014, CNET

How your shopper club card can help the CDC predict food borne illness, 2/21/2014, GigaOm

Qualcomm’s Jacobs aims to predict your heart attack and isn’t sure about VR, 2/20/2014, GigaOm

Has the High-End Smartphone Market Peaked?, 2/20/2014, Re/code

AT&T mobile boss says you’re not paying too much for your mobile bill, 2/14/2014, BGR

AT&T's mobility chief on who should pay for Netflix's traffic, 2/12/2014, CNET

General Motors President sees self-driving cars by 2020, 2/12/2014, CNET

AT&T's de la Vega: Netflix, other video players should pay for traffic costs - not consumers, 2/10/2014, Fierce Wireless

Data, driverless cars and the future of the insurance business, 2/4/2014, GigaOm

AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega thinks Netflix, not customers, should pay for capacity upgrades, 2/2/2014, GigaOm

GM President: Too Soon to Tell Whether Apple or Google Is Ahead in Cars, 1/30/2014, Re/code

AT&T Mobile Chief: American Consumers Not Getting Ripped Off, 1/28/2014, Re/code

Smartphone Makers Aim at Emerging Markets With Low-End Devices, 1/24/2014, Wall Street Journal

Facebook's WhatsApp gamble a 'reasonable bet': Pro, 1/13/2014, CNBC