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Rutberg & Company's research methodology includes extensive primary research with corporate and private company executives and private equity and venture capital investors, as well as exhaustive secondary research of large populations of privately held companies and their associated transactions. The research team employs rigorous processes in order to ensure completeness and to substantiate viewpoints. The goal of our methodology is to ensure comprehensive and granular coverage of large and global populations of privately held companies.

For each industry under coverage, the research team develops detailed maps of privately held companies, which are categorized into a three-tier taxonomy of sectors and subsectors. The team also develops, publishes, and presents investment and acquisition theses on the subsectors through monthly, quarterly, and annual publications, frequent speeches and presentations at conferences, and regular meetings with investors and acquirers. A key design principle in the dissemination of the research is transparency in the underlying assumptions, conclusions, and processes.

Importantly, the research team does not comment on specific companies. Further, the research team strictly adheres to the confidentiality of company-specific information.