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M&A Advisory

Rutberg & Company has extensive experience working on both buy- and sell-side M&A advisory assignments, and is recognized for its access to key decision makers, its ability to position its clients strategically, and its ability to close transactions in an expedited manner.

Rutberg & Company's industry knowledge and relationships provide the underpinning of our M&A expertise. The firm's research model is driven by primary research, and employs rigorous processes to ensure completeness and to substantiate industry trendlines. Additionally, a core mission of the firm's research practice is to develop detailed maps of large and global populations of privately held companies and formulate acquisition theses based on these maps. As such, Rutberg & Company is uniquely qualified to serve as a strategic advisor, and the firm has a reputation in the industry for excellent judgment, balanced business practices, and world-class execution.

Our M&A expertise is characterized by the following.

  • Proven ability to attract highly-relevant partners to achieve specific results congruent with clients' shareholder goals.
  • Achieving maximum equity value by correctly positioning clients based on real-time market trends, proven business execution, current business traction, and future business opportunity.
  • Creating and refining highly effective go-to-market tools.
  • Delivering qualified partners to the table quickly and concurrently; and driving prospective partners toward closure within a time period that is consistent with clients' near-term goals.
  • Maximizing valuation such that minimum dilution is experienced by existing shareholders.
  • Minimizing executive teams' time and resources diverted away from core business activities.